UKDPN throws open membership to industry

18 Apr 2013

Here is an extract of the article from Print Monthly - 15th April 2013

The association of former Kall Kwik and Prontaprint franchisees has thrown its membership open to the whole of UK print for the first time

The Print Quarter, Polkdadot & V3 Press

The new collection of print companies open up membership to the industry

The UK Design and Print Network (UKDPN) formally constituted itself at its inaugural AGM; originally it was only open to ex-members of the franchise family which fell into administration in late 2011. That policy has now been changed.

“We're not actively recruiting but we're now at a stage where we've have a criteria where if anyone says they want to join, if the fit the criteria then they can,” says chairman, Bruce Shepherd of the Network which now has 59 members.

“The reason is simple –  if some of our members decide to sell their business over time we'll obviously lose members. If we don't have a recruitment policy in place then over time we'll drift backwards and that's not something which we want to do.”

“We're not in the market for B1 or B2 printers, but if they can print, design, and have a business premises, we're happy to welcome new members who were not part of the Kall Kwik or Prontaprint network.”

"We're happy to welcome new members who were not part of the Kall Kwik or Prontaprint network"

The network costs £100 to joins but the support it offers has been expanded since its formal inception. Deals are now in place with twelve gold suppliers for preferential rates, as well as a host of other benefits.

An intranet site is used by the Network's members to post and answer questions, while it recently held a training event for its members on website design at the NEC, Birmingham.

“We have now got 59 active members who have made 12,000 posts on different aspects of our business,” adds Shepherd, who is also managing director of Manchester-based Polkadot Design and Print.

“We've got our trade and public website setup. The plan is, eventually, for the name to be on everyone of our business windows and letterheads, so we'll be able to help each other out with business. The spread of members is amazing, covering the UK from Exeter to Scotland.”


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Pádraig McGarrigle
Print Monthly online editor