Conference highlights

20 Nov 2015

UK Design & Print Network 2015 conference at Coombe Abbey

The 2015 UK Design & Print Network conference was held in the beautiful Coombe Abbey hotel for the 4th year in a row. It has a full roster of fantastic sponsors and had the best attendance in it's relatively short history. With comments such as "The best conference so far" its fair to say that it was a storming success. 

Highlights from this year came from some fantastic sponsors, some quite frankly awesome lectures on social media from industry leading experts Graham Innes and Bryony Thomas. Plus a very interesting presentation on exit strategy for business owners from Paul Holohan, Richmond Capital Partners. With free books provided to all the attendes on Watertight Marketing and a competition announced with a prize of £3,000 for the winner at the 2016 conference it's a great time to be a part of the UK Design and Print Network. 

With next years conference in the embryonic stages of planning we are sure to have more details of the next one in early 2016. 

For sponsorship enquiries then please contact Paul Knapman, Church Street Printers  or Howard Turner, Printing Plus 

For membership enquiries then please contact Paul Stokes, Biz Momentum