Our ethos

The ethos of the UKDPN is about self-help and support. The organisation came about following the demise of On Demand Communications in Dec 2011, and ex-franchisees started sharing ideas in an online forum, set up by Howard Turner of Printing Plus.

Polkadot Design & Print’s Bruce Shepherd then put forward the idea of the group joining forces, to make best use of its multi-million pound buying power.

UKDPN was born

As a result, the UKDPN was born and, with Shepherd taking the role of chairman for two years, a number of others make up the committee.

John Stevenson of Glasgow Creative, and Paul Stokes from Business Momentum, have taken the roles of treasurer and membership secretary respectively, while Paul Knapman of Church Street Printers has been appointed events organiser.

V3 Print’s Bill Vickery, Alistair Peebles (Chairman) from Talk Design & Print , Harvey Kutner from PowerPrint and Howard Turner from Printing Plus make up the rest of the committee.

Benefits of being a UKDPN member

Well apart from the incredibly helpful forum used to share ideas, best practice and provide assistance to each other the UKDPN group have worked hard to

How can I join?

Well unlike some organisations you can't just pay to join. The UKDPN is an organisation to benefit the members & share years of incredibly valuable knowledge to help us deliver great service and solutions to our end customers. Therefore that is why we have an incredibly low annual membership fee of £100 to cover costs of the forum, seminar days & conference. To find out more about applying to be a member please contact Paul Stokes on 0121 288 5355.